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Tell me a little about your tournament

 ?Pick 0 if back to back games are okay. If not, pick 1

 ?Larger game gaps are only used for scheduling flexibility. At first I try to schedule games closer together

 ?How many days does the tournament actually have games? Example: if there are games on June 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th, then enter 4

 ?How many different field sizes/types are used? If everyone plays on the same size, enter 1

 ?If there are 3 different field sizes, enter comma separated values like (9,7,9) to tell me the number of fields available for each size

 ?How many games can be played on each day for each field size? Example, if there are games at each hour starting at 8am and done by 6pm, then 10 games can be played. Enter value for each field size

 ?Time in minutes between consecutive games - includes play time, and setup time. Example - if the first game starts at 8am, and the next at 9am, enter 60. Values needed for each field size

 ?Read as smallest field size can play teams up to U10 (write U10 as 10), next field size up to U12, everyone older plays on the biggest fields. Leave blank if everyone plays on the same fields