How to work with me!
  • Answer a few questions about the tournament you are trying to schedule:
    • What is the minimum and maximum time that a team should have between consecutive games?
    • How many days is your tournament?
    • How many different kind of fields (pitches, courts...) does your tournament use? For example some soccer tournaments have smaller fields for younger teams
    • How many fields1 are available for your tournament?
    • How many games1 can be played on one field in one day?
    • How much time1 is there between consecutive games?
    • Optional: What is the maximum age group that plays on a given field size?
  • Upload the team list and game list. You can find out how here
  • Sit back and relax. I will email you a schedule for your tournament
  • It's really that simple !
  • You will still need to manually enter the schedule into your tournament management software, but having a schedule to look at should save you hours if not days. If you like the schedule you receive from Avery, ask your tournament platform to integrate with us for a seamless experience!
1) The number can be different for different field sizes