How to upload the team list and the game list
Team List
  • From GotSport download a report with all teams. It could be “all accepted” or “all applied”, either is fine
  • The only important columns on this list are: “Team ID”, "Division", "Full Name", "Event Age" and "Coach Email 1". Here's a sample file with these columns
    • I use coach emails to figure out coaching conflicts. If a different column is better suited (say coach ID), you can point that out when uploading the file
  • Optionally:
    • Delete the unnecessary columns (It's okay if you don't delete them. I can easily ignore additional columns)
    • Add columns like “day 1 avoid slots”, “day 2 avoid slots” for each day. It is a request from the team to say that their games should not be scheduled during slots 1,2,3 or 3,4,5. Use these sparingly, because they make it harder to find a schedule that works.
    • Add a column called “local team”. You can specify a team is local1 by putting “1” in their local team column. Default (blank) means it is not a local team
1) For a local team, the maximum time between games doesn't apply. Local teams (that live say within 15-20 minutes) can go home and come back later in the day. Identifying local teams makes it easier to create feasible schedules
Game List
  • Important: Make sure all the games have been created for each division and each day (including any playoff games)
  • Download all games
  • The only important columns on this list are: “Match Number”, "Date", "Age", "Gender", "Division","Home Team ID" and "Away Team ID". Here's a sample file with these columns